Sabtu, 27 Disember 2014

Pelancongan Kuala Sepetang Eco Tourism 2015

A. River Cruise  Call 012-5145023   Khairul
Minimum RM80 Or RM15 per pax  Duration 40 minutes 
This Package include sightseeing, Fisherman village, Variety of boats, Kampong Seberang, Mangrove forest, Cockle farm, Eagle Watching, Birds Watching, Seafood Restaurant, Prawn Fisherman, Old Jetty Port Weld and Charcoal Factory.

B. River Cruise and Eagle Feeding 
Minimum RM100 Or RM20 per pax  Duration 60 minutes 
Package A + Amazing and wonderful eagle show
C. River Cruise, Eagle Feeding and Fish Farm
Minimum RM140 Or RM25 per pax  Duration 60 minutes 
Package A + Package B + Visiting Fish Farm (Activities such is fish feeding, playing with horse shoe crab and puffer fish)
D. River Cruise, Eagle Feeding and Kuala Sangga (Old Harbor and Lucky Dolphin)
Minimum RM200 Or RM40 per pax  Duration 90 minutes 
Package A + Package B + Visiting Old Harbor. Take a boat ride by the path the fisherman used to go to the open sea. This is the place where you can see the lucky dolphin. See the fisherman doing their job harvesting cockles and feeding the fish in the farm. Spot birds and eagles.
(Fisherman activities such is fishing and cockles harvesting)

E. Firefly Tour
Minimum RM200 Or RM35 per pax  Duration 60 minutes 
Educational tour with slideshow presentation about firefly.

Lucky Dolphin Package (Lumba-lumba)
Minimum RM500 Or RM100 per pax  Duration 3 hours 
Call 012-5145023   Khairul 
Visiting the area which dolphin is usually spotted including visit mangrove swamp, fisherman village, cockle farm, fish farm, birds watching and  dolphin  (if you are lucky enough)